Black Women....... Blonde Hair 


Let's debunk two of the most popular myths about Black Women wearing blonde hair.

Myth: #1 Black Women that wear blonde hair are "sell outs", unhappy with themselves and/or attempting to be another race.

Fact Check: Wearing blonde hair doesn't make a woman any less pro-black than a woman that wears her natural hair. Contrary to popular belief, most women like to try new things... Assuming that a woman hates her skin and wants to be "White" because she wears blonde hair is equivalent to saying a woman that wears blue hair wants to be Marge Simpson...

Additional Fact Check: Although it is rare, there are people in the world with dark skin that are born with blonde hair. (Google It)

Myth: #2 Darker skin women should not wear blonde hair.

Fact Check: There isn't a shade of melanin that gets an automatic pass for wearing blonde hair. The key is finding the right style & color of blonde that complements your specific complexion & facial features, properly toned blonde or ash blonde is always recommended for the ladies that would like to play it on the safe side when choosing their shade of blonde.

Another tip when choosing your shade of blonde is "less is more" our favorite Blonde Bombshell Shateria Moragne (Pictured Below) is the poster child for "less is more"

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